Magazzini verticali A Zeta Gomma

A Zeta Gomma’s vertical warehouses for a 4.0 logistics

High production efficiency requires continuous improvement for productivity and the reduction of set-up times. Concerning logistics, A Zeta Gomma has invested on its strategic value in terms of optimization and modernization.  4 new vertical warehouses to improve delivery time Logistics innovation chosen by A Zeta Gomma focuses on internal transformation through new warehouse facilities: 4…

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Pannelli solari

A Zeta Gomma makes the production sustainable facing the energy crisis

A Zeta Gomma, the main supplier of transmission belts and conveyor belts in the ceramic district, has decided to face  the current energy crisis, investing in renewable energy to control the price increase connected to the fluctuation of energy costs. Recently, it has been installed the photovoltaic system that will generate 330 kWh of electricity…

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A well stocked warehouse to grant fast delivery time

The latest international events have brought a crisis of raw materials. This current economic context has determined delays on delivery time and on manufacturing lines as well for companies’ majority. A Zeta Gomma affords this difficult situation thanks to one of its fundamental resources: its warehouse. A Zeta Gomma’s warehouse: the key to respond to…

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Articoli per l'agricoltura stampati

Customized products for agriculture sector

A Zeta Gomma has its headquarters in Emilia Romagna, a worldwide famous Region for its passion for food&wine industry.  For this particular industrial sector, the Company has developed a specific department that manufactures designed products such as bulkheads for forage harvester.    Production ‘made in Sassuolo’: from drawings to the water jet cutting machine  The…

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Cinghia di trasmissione A Zeta Gomma in azione

The product customization is the real strength A Zeta Gomma

Creating customized products according to the specific customers’ requests is the main feature that has marked the evolution of A Zeta Gomma over the years is the ability t Transmission belts and conveyor belts customization Concerning transmission belts, it is possible to customize the coating and to create specific moulded products according to the customer’s…

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MEC V-Belt

M.E.C.® V-Belt: the avantgard of the v-belts

The M.E.C.® V -belts are the most used belts for power transmission: they are requested to solve the problem of elongation and slip, they also grant the best compromise between speed and tension. The registered trademark M.E.C.® V- Belt by A Zeta Gomma is the synonimous of the highest quality. The A Zeta Gomma v-belts…

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Conveyor belts transmitting innovation

Organi di Trasmissione is the specialist magazine dedicated to the topics of power transmission components, which offers contributions from the leading international experts in the sector every month. For the latest issue published, the editorial staff interviewed the Business Manager A Zeta Gomma Ubaldo Torricelli, to talk about the production of industrial transmission belts, conveyor…

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