M.E.C.® Profilbelt

For fifty years, A-Zeta Gomma has been producing belts and conveyor belts for various sectors. In its factory in Sassuolo, the company manufactures products with a high level of customization: tailor-made solutions developed by the internal technical departments and able to adapt to any application. 

In its offer for the ceramic-tile sector, A-Zeta Gomma has designed particular belts  to withstand the extreme temperatures reached near the kilns during the tile firing stages.

M.E.C.® Profilbelt: transmission belts for sorting lines

M.E.C.® Profilbelt are customized belts designed for tile sorting lines. 

Thanks to the anti-heat and anti-wear coating that prevents deformation, the M.E.C.® Profilbelt are able to withstand the high temperatures that characterize ceramic production lines.


M.E.C.® Timing transmission belts in PU for row formers

M.E.C.® Timing in PU for row formers are toothed belts with a high degree of elasticity and a great heat resistance and they can be customized according to the final application and customer needs.

Thickness, length, color, finish processing (smooth or honeycomb), type of rubber and pitch are just some of the customization’s options of the M.E.C.® Timing in PU. The customer can also opt between a truly endless or a pin-joint belt.


The legacy of the ceramic district 

A-Zeta Gomma is based in Sassuolo, the Italian heart of the ceramic district and is deeply rooted in the territory. 

The synergies created over the years with the local production realities have allowed the company to fully understand the production processes and the needs of ceramic companies.

Thanks to its ability to manufacture customized solutions to meet every request, today the company is a reference for all the ceramic-tile sector.