Manufacture of drive belts and conveyor belts

Solidity, dynamism and innovation at the service of businesses

A Zeta Gomma is a company specialized in the manufacture of drive belts and conveyor belts (in rubber, PVC and PU), as well as thermo-weldable belts, hoses for roller coating, rubber sheets and moulded items, technical products and equipment for pressing, welding and joining belts.

A Zeta Gomma is a solid reality which from the concept of “make and make well” has managed, with courage and determination, to combine a wealth of artisanal know-how with industrial production processes.

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Roots in the past, results in the future

Italian excellence around the world

A Zeta Gomma offers solutions designed for numerous applications in the mechanical engineering, food processing, agricultural, ceramics, paper and cardboard, lumber and industrial sectors.

The drive belts and conveyor belts are manufactured in the Sassuolo facilities (20,000 m2, divided into commercial headquarters, 2 production units and 1 warehouse with 60,000 immediately available items) to ensure high standards of product customization, industrialization and distribution.

over 80 employees
factories in Italy
over 2,400 clients/partners
of turnover from exports
belts shipped daily

A story of commitment without compromise
since 1973

  • 1973

    Maurizio Pistoni founds A Zeta Gomma

  • 1985

    The M.E.C. V BELT® industrial belt brand is born

  • 1990

    Development of the M.E.C.® TIMING BELT rubber toothed belts begins

  • 1992

    A Zeta Gomma focuses on exports, with an expansion on international markets

  • 2000

    New company organization

  • 2009

    Acquisition of the Nittra® brand of conveyor belts and flat belts

  • 2010

    New ERP to increase business process efficiency at international level

  • 2015

    Development of the logistics area to improve service

  • 2019

    Development of international competitiveness and consolidation of leadership in Italy


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