Social responsibility: an A Zeta Gomma commitment

Great attention to the ethical aspects of our doing business

Attention to corporate social responsibility underlies all the A Zeta Gomma production processes. From selection to production and processing of the materials, not only do we guarantee the quality, transparency and excellent performance of our products, but also focus on the environment and the local area.

This attention is seen in numerous choices and concrete actions, such as the photovoltaic system installed in the main plant for the production of clean energy, the careful selection of raw materials for the least environmental impact, care in production to reduce atmospheric CO2 emissions and membership of the national packaging consortium (CONAI) for separate waste collection.

  • Clean energy
  • Reduction of CO2 emissions
  • Waste recycling
Raffigurazione ideale della produzione attenta all'ecologia


Giocatore di calcio sul campo

Close to the local area and youth

A Zeta Gomma is a sponsor of various sports clubs

A Zeta Gomma has always been close to its local area, through initiatives to promote the local community and support young people and their development, particularly through sport, which is essential for learning values such as team spirit, sacrifice and fair play.

A Zeta Gomma is a local sponsor of U.S. Sassuolo Calcio and Modena F.C. and a main sponsor of P.C.S. San Michelese, another important local football club.

  • Local Sponsor of U.S.Sassuolo
  • Local Sponsor of Modena F.C.
  • Main Sponsor of PCS San Michelese