Cinghia per macchina insacchettarice in funzione con sacchetto per il confezionamento

 A-Zeta Gomma manufactures customized belts dedicated to packaging industry and especially for fill form sealers, capping machines, folder gluers machines. 

All the products are made internally, in A-Zeta Gomma’s facilities.


Internal production and tailor made customization

The A-Zeta Gomma’s production plant has a key role in manufacturing tailor made products. 

Endless coatings, in particular, are made thanks to presses and autoclaves’ equipment to  vulcanize different types of rubber or silicone.

The equipment of CNC machines for drilling and slotting on coated belts  are ideal to create holes and slots for suction and vacuum. 


High quality customization

A-Zeta Gomma customizes rubber or PU  belts for every  application. 

Each solution is completely customized, according to the customer’s requests. 

In fact, it is possible to choose between rubber and polyurethane belts, select the length desired, the width, the thickness and coating of the belt. It is also possible to customize holes, slot creating perforated holes or perforated oval holes according to the specific application needed.

The production of customized belts for packaging fully represents A-Zeta Gomma’s philosophy oriented towards quality, details’ attention and customer satisfaction.