Immagine di una cinghia in gomma trapezoidale della serie M.E.C.® V-Belt applicata su una puleggia agganciata ad un motore

M.E.C.® V-Belt designed by A Zeta Gomma are the result of thirty years of research and innovation. Exclusive compounds and constancy of section guarantee very high performances and efficiency.

What are v-belts applications?

Used for power transmission, V-belts face two challenges: slippage and elongation.

 The  A Zeta Gomma’s M.E.C.® V-Belt adapts perfectly to the V-pulleys and its high resistance in case of heavy loads offers the best possible compromise between speed and tension.


Materials designed to withstand oils and high temperatures

M.E.C.®  V-belts’ compounds resist oils and high temperatures, reduce maintenance and its related costs, and ensure a long life. The double cloth insertion in B and C section, the cord and the trademark that identifies the product are important details that distinguish the M.E.C.® V-Belt.


Power transmission belts’ customization: tailor made for the customer

Customization is one of the most appreciated  features by A Zeta Gomma’s customers.

Thanks to this service, in fact, the company manufactures the product according to the specific customer’s requests.

A Zeta Gomma is able to design and create tailor-made solutions that meet particular needs, always guaranteeing high-level performance.