Nastri monolitici per il settore alimentare

The continuous high-level performance is A-Zeta Gomma’s quality’s key. This is how M.E.C.® Monolithic belts were born: the last generation products capable of guaranteeing superior performance compared to traditional modular belts.


The A-Zeta Gomma’ M.E.C.® monolithic’s features 

The M.E.C.® Monolithic belts are designed to replace the modular belts used in the food industry. Since they are easy to clean, they guarantee better sanitization and reduce the risk of microbial contamination of food.

They are suitable for HACCP environments, where safety and cleanliness’ high standards are required. 

Raw material’s choice is another important feature. 

The M.E.C.® Monolithic belts, in fact, are made of high quality polyurethane and are endowed by an aramid reinforcement that strengthens and reduces elongation’s risk.


A more sustainable choice than traditional modular belts 

M.E.C.® Monolithic are green generation and energy saving, and they are a more sustainable alternative to modular belts, for at least two reasons:

  • they clean easier and faster, requires less water and energy;
  • they are lighter, therefore they have a lower energy consumption connected to winding.


The A-Zeta Gomma service on M.E.C.® Monolithic belts (h2)


A-Zeta Gomma supports the customer from the M.E.C.® monolithic’s installation to its further assistance and service. 

Finally, to meet specific needs to achieve the maximum satisfaction, A-Zeta Gomma customizes M.E.C.® Monolithic conveyor belts manufacturing its guides, sides and strips.


A tailor-made production to best respond to every need of use.