Pannelli solari

A Zeta Gomma, the main supplier of transmission belts and conveyor belts in the ceramic district, has decided to face  the current energy crisis, investing in renewable energy to control the price increase connected to the fluctuation of energy costs.

Recently, it has been installed the photovoltaic system that will generate 330 kWh of electricity per year. This investment is making the A Zeta Gomma’s production completely autonomous and reduces the emissions in the atmosphere by about 160 tons of Co2.

Finally, A Zeta Gomma will install many e-charging stations. This further investment highlights and transmits the values ​for environmental care and sustainability.

The “green” sector, the environmental sustainability, and the fight against global warming are the main challenges that mark the present and the future of the planet. Challenges that A Zeta Gomma has chosen to take up, committing itself to the introduction of new renewable energy forms.