The latest international events have brought a crisis of raw materials.

This current economic context has determined delays on delivery time and on manufacturing lines as well for companies’ majority.

A Zeta Gomma affords this difficult situation thanks to one of its fundamental resources: its warehouse.

A Zeta Gomma’s warehouse: the key to respond to customers’ shortage of stocks

A Zeta Gomma’s warehouse is one of the most important Company’s features, since it contains more than 80.000 products available ex-stock.

Customer’s shortage of stocks finds the solution in the 20.000 m2 A Zeta Gomma’s warehouse where the wide products’ range and the possibility to customize them directly in Sassuolo  grant: 

  • fast delivery time
  • high quality standards

Increased logistics management and capacity with the vertical warehouse

To increase the warehouse capacity and improve inventory management A Zeta Gomma is installing 4 vertical warehouses directly connected with its ERP software. This operation grants better automation that improves logistics and good handling as well.

The benefits of this new equipment allows to:

  • save time: picking and stocking operations are faster
  • increase inventory management: the warehouse is directly connected to the ERP software granting goods’ tracking. This operation increase inventory management and reduce errors.