A Zeta gomma was born in the Seventies in Sassuolo, in the heart of the ceramic-tile district. Specialized in the manufacture of belts and conveyor belts, the Company is a strategic partner for many ceramic-tile industries. 

The Company honors the connection between its home town and the sponsored soccer team, creating the M.E.C.® FLEX Neroverde, specifically designed for squaring lines and with the colors of the U.S. Sassuolo Calcio.

Excellent performance in the hardest conditions

 M.E.C.® FLEX Neroverde is manufactured as follows:

  • high-standard black PU: it is characterized by a low friction coefficient that allows the highest smoothness.
  • Vulcanized rubber coating with a high abrasion resistance and a working temperature of 130°C.

A ‘Made in Sassuolo’ belt 

 M.E.C.® FLEX Neroverde is manufactured in the A Zeta gomma’s facilities headquartered in Sassuolo thanks to the passion and dedication of the R&D Dept. 

An excellent product symbol of the connection to its home town and the sport values that characterize the A Zeta Gomma work team.