Articoli per l'agricoltura stampati

A Zeta Gomma has its headquarters in Emilia Romagna, a worldwide famous Region for its passion for food&wine industry. 

For this particular industrial sector, the Company has developed a specific department that manufactures designed products such as bulkheads for forage harvester


Production ‘made in Sassuolo’: from drawings to the water jet cutting machine 

The machines for agriculture need specific customization to preserve their durability and to optimize their work-flow. 

For this specific application,  the A Zeta Gomma’s products are obtained from rubber or PU sheet and created starting from the drawings given by the customer.

The key factors that create the A Zeta Gomma’s customized products are its technical team and its inner production department. The collaboration between this branch of the Company and the customer’s needs develops brand new products tailor made for the final application.

The production is entirely ‘made in Sassuolo’ and it is equipped by a fundamental technology for agricultural machines’ products: the waterjet cutting machine. 

Its wide working plan (3×5 meters) allows the highest flexibility and precision on big and small details as well, realizing any kind of cutting on foamed or solid material.

The use of water jet grants short delivery time, a superior quality and reduced prototyping costs.