Beyond the ceramic-tile, food and packaging applications, A Zeta Gomma’s products have also an important market field in agricultural applications.

V-Belts power transmission for forage harvester: high quality products for difficult conditions

For forage harvesters, that have a wide range applications in agriculture, M.E.C.® V-Belt Gold is the right spare part: a new generation belt, designed for a long-lasting life, reduced maintenance costs and a resistance to a wide range of temperature.

The M.E.C.® V-Belt Gold has a double function: on one hand, power transmission and, on the other one, it grants protection from overloadings. The M.E.C. ® V-Belt Gold are realized with EPDM compound (Ethylene-Propylene Diene Monomer), and grants – even in agricultural applications – higher performances, superior efficiency, reduction of maintenance costs, resistance to a wide range temperature. The M.E.C.® V-Belt Gold are available on request, both in wrapped or notched raw edged, available also for conventional and narrow sections.

They are produced with the latest and up to date production. Discover more and download the M.E.C.® V-Belt Gold brochure.