Cinghia di trasmissione A Zeta Gomma in azione

Creating customized products according to the specific customers’ requests is the main feature that has marked the evolution of A Zeta Gomma over the years is the ability t

Transmission belts and conveyor belts customization

Concerning transmission belts, it is possible to customize the coating and to create specific moulded products according to the customer’s project.

Regarding the world of light conveyor belts can customize according their industrial applications with:

  • profiles, guides;
  • cleats;
  • sidewalls.

The aim is to supply high level quality products

From design to after-sales: always next to the customer

We work at 360 ° alongside the customer – explains Ubaldo Torricelli, Business Manager at Zeta Gomma – starting from the analysis of their needs, up to the design of a specific product.

Our achievements were possible thanks to our research and development department, and to the investments made in technology and human resources to increase internal production. In fact, most of our products are made or transformed directly in our Sassuolo plants”.

Excellence in production and services

The A Zeta Gomma after-sales service is an important part of A Zeta Gomma.

In particular the conveyor belts assistance offer a  continuous service, 24/7.