MEC V-Belt

The M.E.C.® V -belts are the most used belts for power transmission: they are requested to solve the problem of elongation and slip, they also grant the best compromise between speed and tension. The registered trademark M.E.C.® V- Belt by A Zeta Gomma is the synonimous of the highest quality.

The A Zeta Gomma v-belts excellence

The M.E.C.® V Belt by A Zeta Gomma are the result of a long study and research  by the technical department.

Manufactured upon the company’s technical specifications and labeled with the M.E.C.® brand, the A Zeta Gomma belts are distinguished by the attention to detail (the compound, the constancy of the section, the cloth insertion of B and C  sections, the cord and the labeling that identifies its origin).

One example of excellence is the M.E.C.® V-BELT GOLD belts, the longest-lasting V-belt on the market. This new generation of V-belts is manufactured with the exclusive compound based on EPDM, that is designed for a longer service life, that significantly reduces maintenance.

The M.E.C.® V-BELT GOLD belts are available on request, both in wrapped version and notched raw edges (FTD), conventional and narrow sections.

Quality, resistance, constancy of section on all  the M.E.C.® V-Belts

A Zeta Gomma offers a very wide range of M.E.C.® V Belts, suitable for any kind of use. They all share the use of the most advanced compounds, and the fundamental characteristic of the constancy of section.

All the M.E.C.® V-BELT V-belts guarantee the highest performance, length stability, resistance to oils and heat, in a temperature range ranging from -40°C to + 70°C degrees.

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