M.E.C.® Profil Belt: the perfect belts not only for ceramic-tile industry, but also for wood and glass sector

M.E.C.® Profil Belt is a wide range of highly customized belts specifically designed for its final application by A Zeta Gomma .

Thanks to over 50 years of experience in moulding and a fully equipped vulcanization department, A Zeta Gomma can therefore offer a very wide range of caoatings to optimize belt’s performace.

Several backing possibilities according to the final application

M.E.C.® Profilbelt improves conveying systems on different levels (horizontal, sloped, vertical) thanks to the realization of different backing types customized according to the product chosen, the form, and the compound – for instance honeycomb (supergrip) or tenax, this latter ideal for wood industry-.

Another example of customized backing is represented by the stain-resistant coating used in the glass, wood and appliances industry.

A Zeta Gomma grants the constant length of the belts

M.E.C.® Profil Belt grants the highest resistance and reliability in every condition. A Zeta Gomma ensures the belts’ length regularity supplying an avanguard service, updated to the machines’ technological empowerment.

Customized products at 360° thanks to the A Zeta Gomma’s experience

The belts are customizable at 360°: from the technical consultation to the drawing, the realization of the sample and the final production.

Finally, the Company realizes rubber and silicone backings through ‘endless’ vulcanizing process, granting the best quality level.