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Drive belts and the power transmission belts are the result of A Zeta Gomma’s long experience in the field of handling finished or semi-finished products. In this paper, the focus will be on two fundamental products: the thermo-weldable belts, M.E.C.® Polbelt, and the PU timing belts, named PU M.E.C.® TIMING belts.


The M.E.C.® Polbelt can have a round or v-belt shape and it is manufactured with the highest quality of polyurethane in one of the Italian A Zeta Gomma’s plant. The M.E.C.® Polbelt is constantly upgraded in order to offer the maximum level of efficiency and reliability even in the most severe conditions. 

Further, the thermo-weldable belts can be supplied in different colours and hardness. 


PU M.E.C.® TIMING belts, on the other hand, have a high level of flexibility and elasticity. They are particularly suitable for different temperature conditions thanks also to their steel or aramid inserts.

The combination of these materials allows the creation of toothed belts with precise measures and pitches. The PU timing belts are available by meter, cut from a sleeve or, finally, truly endless (the so-called M.E.C.® FLEX belts).

Their main features are: high load capacity, high resistance to tension as well as resistance to contact with oil, chemicals and abrasion.


A Zeta Gomma provides also the possibility to customize the products at 360° applying specific vulcanised coatings both on the thermo-weldable belts and on PU timing belts, or  applying special designed guides such as the RED POWER 9 M .


The specific applications of A Zeta Gomma’s PU timing belts for the wood industry

Among the many applications, the aforementioned belts are particularly suitable for the  wood industry and, in particular, for material carriage.

This particular field requires high performing belts for two main reasons: the strong friction and the frequent contact with solvents and adhesives.

M.E.C.® Polbelt and PU M.E.C.® TIMING belts, thanks to their production process with the latest generation extrusion technology, respond to the requirements of the most stressful part of the wood industry’s plant.


The performances born from the long-time A Zeta Gomma’s  experience

All the A Zeta Gomma’s products comes from 50 years of experience in power transmission and drive belts: the adaptability of the products to every industrial sector is based on the constant customers’ contribution.