Rotopressa con gli elementi Rotobande in evidenza

M.E.C.® Rotobande is the rubber conveyor belt designed by A Zeta Gomma for round balers.

The round baler is an important machine in agriculture, used in particular for collecting and compressing forage plants in the so-called “round bales” that are a distinctive element of the landscape in various agricultural contexts in which cattle breeding is the main activity.

The M.E.C.® Rotobande rubber conveyor belts respond to the specific stresses and needs of round balers thanks to their resistance to traction, abrasion, cuts and tears.

M.E.C.® Rotobande. Balance between strength and flexibility

These belts are specifically designed for agricultural use since they have a perfect balance between rigidity and flexibility. These latters are the qualities necessary to lift, roll up and compact the product.

Furthermore, the metal joints for the M.E.C.® Rotobande are manufactured in order to give the highest reliability and an easy assembly.

How is made M.E.C.® Rotobande

A Zeta Gomma has a specialized production plant equipped with the latest generation presses and cutters that can work on widths that are wider than 2000mm.

To support our customers’ activities, A Zeta Gomma has a qualified team available 24 hours a day that grants a full service that can solve any problem anyday and anytime.

The service is available all over Italy and, on request, through A Zeta Gomma distributors, all over the world.

A Zeta Gomma maintenance: a remarkable service  for A Zeta Gomma’s customers

Thanks to the experience and high expertise of the specialized A Zeta Gomma’s team that use its high-level equipment, all A Zeta Gomma customers can rely on timely repair services on rubber conveyor belts, during the warranty period and even after it.