Organi di Trasmissione is the specialist magazine dedicated to the topics of power transmission components, which offers contributions from the leading international experts in the sector every month.
For the latest issue published, the editorial staff interviewed the Business Manager A Zeta Gomma Ubaldo Torricelli, to talk about the production of industrial transmission belts, conveyor belts and technical rubber items.
Born in 1973, A Zeta Gomma has been able to transform itself into an increasingly structured reality with a solid managerial setting, whose organization has allowed it to play an increasingly important role in Italy and in the world.

«An activity – explains Torricelli – that due to the huge investments in technology and human resources made in the last decade, has progressively shifted towards production. A customized manufacturing for our customers, to the extent that currently over half of sales are carried out or processed in-house, in the over 20,000 square metres of Sassuolo factories, subdivided into the sales site, the three manufacturing units and a well-stocked up warehouse. A warehouse with 80,000 items in prompt delivery that represents another of our outstanding highlights, through which we can assure a constantly efficacious and punctual distribution».

An operational strategy that has meant for the company also an increment of the market share on both a domestic and international scale, with an organization better and better oriented to support the OEM segment, trying to concretize its demands with high-quality and, at the same time, highly competitive solutions. Beneficiaries are several sectors that include, besides the historical ceramic field, also agriculture, the variegated woodworking industry, the paper converting segment and the diversified world of automated machines, just to mention the primary ones.

«The export share–Torricelli adds – currently reaches about 20% of our turnover, but it is strongly expanding thanks to a production capacity that offers more and more interesting opportunities. Not only in Europe, but also in the States of North America and of South America».

Opportunities that will undergo a further acceleration as completion of the transition plan 4.0 in course, which will lead to a typical operational logic of Industry 4.0, that is to say to the complete interconnection of machines and of the whole logistic part, with an implementation that will significantly improve all flows that regulate the various corporate processes.

Thanks to 80,000 available items stocked up in prompt delivery, A Zeta Gomma can assure an always efficacious and punctual distribution


A broad range of products customized upon precise specification

The product range by A Zeta Gomma can be subdivided into the following macro families: power transmission belts, V-belts, conveyor belts (available in rubber, in PVC and PU), thermo-weldable belts, hoses for roller coating, rubber sheets and rubber moulded items. Through the constant R&D activity on materials and on the most cutting-edge technologies on the market, the belts for industrial use are designed to assure a high qualitative standard and to offer the best solution in applications of linear motion, power transmission and transport.

«Rubber conveyor belts –Torricelli adds– constitute a range that can offer excellent performances and assure a high duration in the various use destinations. Like those in PVC and PU, also rubber ones can be manufactured, inside our equipped workshop, in customized widths and lengths».

Worth highlighting that A Zeta Gomma can rely on a broad variety of coils, always at disposal with a forefront stocking and handling system. Moreover, the skilled staff can mount, directly on belts, special profiles, strips or sides in different sections and materials to develop and to produce new product typologies dedicated to specific requirements. By means of high-precision tools such as chamfering machines, grinders and NC machines, it can customize the product with holes, slots and millings, suiting various applicative possibilities.

A Zeta Gomma can supply competences, technologies and equipment to transform quickly designs into finished products of absolute quality.


Italian excellence in the world

With almost 50 years of activity behind, A Zeta Gomma has always pursued a precise mission, that is to say offering solutions conceived for manifold applications, trying assuring a design quality always in conformity with the growing and challenging market demands, combined with excellent technical performances.

«With these bases –Torricelli confirms– we try looking at the future with a precise vision, based on the growing internationalization due to its own product range constantly rising and able to satisfy the most demanding sectors, too. With particular attention not only to the already mentioned historical reference sectors, but more and more also to industrial automation».

If in fact domestic markets are becoming increasingly integrated, to support a competitive ranking with long-term effects, also A Zeta Gomma must look beyond the borders with a more and more targeted presence, trying seizing all opportunities.

«Opportunities –Torricelli ends– for which our flexibility, our prompt reply and the capability of supporting and taking care of customers represent an undoubted added value. From this point of view, we still have in fact suitable sizes for assuring, with great dynamism, both a decisional speed in the various projects and high manufacturing capacity and quality».