It has been already underlined that A Zeta Gomma’s products are manufactured in order to resist even in the most severe conditions. An example is represented by the conveyor belts for cutting  machines.

The A Zeta Gomma’s experience in the ceramic tile  factory

The ceramic tile factory represents one of the core market’s field for A Zeta Gomma’s products, thanks to its capability to maintain high customization standards, the dynamism, the efficiency and versatility to respond to every customer’s need.

The cutting machines’ conveyor belts made by A Zeta Gomma

The 3 plies conveyor belt has a thermoplastic rubber cover designed for this specific application. Compared to the traditional PVC conveyor belts (with a standard rubber cover), it presents many advantages

  • There is no grinding need, since the conveyor belt is already manufactured with a constant thickness 
  • There is no gluing need. The union between the backing and conveyor belt overcomes the problem concerning the tensioning of the conveyor belt and the rubber cover. 
  • The joint is vulcanized: there is no visible sign of the joint on the surface. 

The A Zeta Gomma’s conveyor belts grant an inferior wear risk

The A Zeta Gomma’s conveyor belts designed for cutting machines, thanks to their features, grant an inferior wear risk. 

Short delivery time

The conveyor belts described in this paper can have a length up to 2 meters and a very short delivery time. In fact, in case of emergency, A Zeta Gomma manufactures the customized conveyor belt in only 4 hours.