In our workshop, PVC and PU conveyor belts can be made using state-of-the-art systems in custom widths and lengths, with a vast range of covers and applications.

A Zeta Gomma has more than 150 varieties of belts in stock and a technical staff to design and improve the technical performance of these products.

More than 150 types of belts in stock processed with automatic cutting and punching systems permit the fulfilment of many application requirements.


High-performance technical characteristics for longer life and greater resistance, combined with a smaller winding diameter.


Resistant to abrasion and chemicals, these permit a constant coefficient of friction, ensuring linear movement.


In the event of any problem or emergency, A Zeta Gomma provides a non-stop 24-hour assistance service every day of the week, including holidays. Thanks to the experience and expertise of specialist staff and the use of superior equipment, all clients can benefit from timely repair services and assistance on conveyor belts, both during the warranty period and afterwards.

Lifting equipment, cranes and platforms are also available to facilitate installation in locations difficult to reach by conventional means.