We are currently living the raw materials’ emergency in many industrial sectors.

The news concerning the lack of materials in some industrial sectors, particularly involved in the economic restart not only in Italy but internationally, is now daily. Unfortunately, rubber is no exception, one of the materials that represents the core of A Zeta Gomma production and the Company is well prepared to face this exceptional situation.

A Zeta Gomma’s key to face the current  situation: a well-stocked warehouse and an efficient internal production plant

In this international context, A Zeta Gomma promptly responds to the needs of its  customers, managing to guarantee the best delivery times. The strategy that A Zeta Gomma uses to achieve these performances starts with the organization of the warehouse ( over 20,000 m2) and contains over 80,000 items (the majority of the products have the A Zeta Gomma’s registered trademark: M.E.C.). Further, it is remarkable that from 2009 A Zeta Gomma has decided to become a quality manufacturer. To achieve this target, the Company has invested in R&D both in terms of technology, but especially in human resources which have always been the key of the company strength.

In this sense, the commercial and the productive soul of A Zeta Gomma are perfectly complementary. A datum that expresses this particular sinergy is that more than 50% of the turnover derives from articles produced or transformed by A Zeta Gomma. The production department (endowed with presses, the vulcanizing machine, the cutting and grinding machine, waterjet cutting machine, etc) creates moulded products based on customer technical specifications and can quickly customize many products granting, at the same time, high quality standards.

In this sense, the latest investments for industry 4.0 will increase the production efficiency and quality on all A Zeta Gomma’s products: from industrial transmission belts and conveyor belts (rubber, PVC and PU), to thermo-weldable belts , hoses for roller coatings, rubber sheet and other moulded products.