M.E.C.® Timing plus

M.E.C.® Timing plus by A Zeta Gomma represent the new frontier of timing belts.
The rubber coating on the timing side has been specifically studied to improve the product-life and the performance of the belt.

The advantages of M.E.C.® Timing plus: longer life for transport and rollers unit

The M.E.C.® Timing plus are especially recommended for the ceramic-tile industry, but also in the wood and glass sector.

M.E.C.® Timing plus belts offer a longer durability than classic timing belts, thanks to the rubber coating that improves abrasion resistance and ensures good flexibility

They also guarantee:

  •     noiselessness
  •     reduction of interference
  •     greater resistance to tooth jumping and shear stresses
  •     precise angular transmission and constant speed up to 50 meters / sec.
  •     low tension
  •     high reliability
  •     smaller footprint
  •     less maintenance

The product has the pitch H in the most common measures.
On request it is possible to have any measure of timing belt with the rubber coating on the timing side