In order to create a reference point for all of our customers even after the sale and the installation of our products, our customers can take advantage of a continuous assistance 24 hours a day including Saturdays, Sundays and the public holidays.

Technical Documentation
Some of our products are provided with technical, security and informative files.
To guarantee our customersí satisfaction in the long run, our Quality and Business Process Department collects statistic data that are monitored and analyzed to develop the quality of products, services and processes.
The quality of our products and services is continuously improved; this enables us to offer our customers a true guarantee when facing the daily challenges of their work.
Customer assistance-Before and After-sales. In sure hands even after your purchases.
In case of technical questions or simply to have further information about a product A-Zeta Gomma puts its technical staff at your disposal.
You can contact our Technical Service to receive either assistance about the products ordered or free advice.
Product Technical Assistance
All A-Zeta Gomma's Customers can take advantage of a speedy repair service both during and after the guarantee period.
One of the keys of the businessís success is the long term trustworthy relationship with its customers.
A highly specialized staff is at work every day to ensure the customers a careful assistance.
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