Notched belts polyurethane are in low-power transmissions where products of limited tolerance are required.
Their main characteristics are as follow: resistance to friction and oil, uniformity of profile (Thickness, positioning of metal insert, notch shape), good flexibility.
Double notched endless belts (type T2,5 – T5 – T10 - AT5 – AT10) with steel or Kevlar insert.
Mecanichal Characteristics
  • Constant dimensions
  • Noiseless
  • No maintenance
  • High flexibility
  • High resistance steel or kevlar reinforcement with little stretching and flexible coating
  • Linear speed up to 80 mt/sec.
  • Extremely reduced transmission dimensions
  • Low pre-tension
  • Length constancy
  • High abrasion resistance
Chemical Characteristics
  • Ageing, hydrolysis, U.V.A. rays, ozone resistant
  • Working temperature: -35°/ +85° C ; with peaks up to 110° C
  • High resistance to oils, greases and gasoline
  • Acid-proof and alkali-proof

M.E.C. BELT® TIMING belts are in compliance with the ISO 5296-1 e DIN7721-1



* For technical data refer to the manual calculation.

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