The guides of transmission belts and the supports of conveyor belts made of metal wear out the chains and higher transmission power must be used due to the high friction coefficient.
To obtain higher performances with a lower power and especially with an inferior wear of the parts A Zeta Gomma offers its customers the range of guides for belts MEC DRIVE PE-HD®.
The guides for MEC DRIVE PE-HD® have the following features:
  • No humidity absorption
  • High wear resistance 
  • Low friction coefficient 
  • High resistance to chemicals
  • Physiologically inert second (BGA/FDA)
  • Extreme wear and impact resistance at low temperatures (down to -200°C)
  • Self-lubricating
A Zeta Gomma offers a wide range of MEC DRIVE PE-HD® guides belts available from stock, and thanks to its technical staff and its own equipment, it is in a position to carry out special productions on its customer’s demand to satisfy any special need.
* For technical data please refer to the pertaining  section of the calculation handbook.


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