APPLICATION: general purpose hose, suitable for medium or heavy loads, especially fit to be used with diaphragm pumps and centrifuges. It is ideal for the suction and delivery of fluids in the ceramic sector, agriculture and industry .
ADVANTAGES: The insertion of two plies of high-strength fabric and a spiral Helix as reinforcement, makes it especially resistant to folding without kinking.
ABRASION RESISTANCE: the tube and the covering are made out of the exclusive formula GY containing rubber Plioflex that has an excellent resistance to tear, cutting and breakage thus guaranteeing a long working life.
HEAVY-DUTY HIGH PRESSURE HOSE: it allows a wide range of applications at high pressures.
CONSTRUCTION: on spindle
INNER TUBE: Black Plioflex
REINFORCEMENT: 2 plies of high strength fabrics and a spiral Helix
COVER:  Black Plioflex (fabric like finishing)


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