The history of AZETAGOMMA

The Company
What A-ZETA GOMMA represents nowadays is clear when Maurizio Pistoni, general manager and founding partner of the firm, says:
“Soundness, dynamism and efficiency are the key words that better describe our firm and allow us to cope with the market evolution and its ever-new requirements in the best way possible”.

The History
A-ZETA GOMMA was founded in 1973 in what would soon become the largest ceramic district in the world.
Founded as a small craft-based firm for the manufacturing of special appliances on belts designed mainly for the local industry, the firm has had such a big evolution that today it is regarded as a leader in its own sector.

The Evolution
In 1985 there was the turning point, as a result of the long standing experience and arrival in the firm of Dott. Mario Capra, ex manager Pirelli, who gave the firm a dynamic, highly professional orientation thanks to his unquestionable qualities.
Since then A-Zeta Gomma has grown so rapidly and steadily as to become a reference point both nationwide and worldwide.

The Company Today
Today the company has more than 80 employees, two manufacturing units, a warehouse with more than 60,000 items and can count on more than 4,000 customers all over Italy.
Moreover the sales volume on overseas markets is remarkable and continuously growing; nowadays it represents about 20% of its turnover.
A-Zeta Gomma has laid the basis for its future in the first thirty years of its activity, which were celebrated a short time ago.
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