Our company was created more than thirty years ago as a small craft-based firm and since 1985 it has specialized in the moulding of  rubber items designed purely  for the ceramic sector.
Besides strengthening and diversifying its primitive traditional activity it has started to operate nationwide, manufacturing and trading, with its own registered trademark M.E.C. V_BELT®, the complete range of belts for industrial use, PVC and rubber conveyor belts, plastic materials, ordinary and special rubber sheets as well as any type of customized moulded rubber items.
In addition to  the sales office, a central warehouse, the production units and an outlying storage unit we can rely on an indoor area of more than 20,000 square meters and stocks  that can satisfy requests for any quantity ordered. Our success throughout the national market and  partly on the foreign one is attributable  to our speedy service, indisputable quality and not least our  good competitiveness. Our products are supplied immediately and  a service of prompt intervention is guaranteed to our customers, 24 hours a day, all over Italy.
Our sales activity is backed by a team of technicians who are on hand for the builders and the users to solve all the problems that may arise and to find, on a case-by-case basis, the most suitable solution and ,at the same time, the cheapest one.
A-Zeta Gomma wants to take its place among the global suppliers of this sector, therefore its strategy is based on the immediate availability of all its  rubber and PVC materials and on a continuous and customized service both during the planning and the maintenance stages. The business’s customer-oriented philosophy is linked to A-Zeta Gomma’s second  foundation principle, that is the professional , human growth of the members of its staff since the value of the services they provide their customers with and which bring about a firm’s success, depends on the quality of the people it is made up of.
Our target is to consolidate our leadership throughout the Italian market, to increase our commercial presence worldwide by strengthening our position all over the countries where the market needs the presence of a first-class product.
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