A-Zeta Gomma : Quality Guarantee

Certification UNI EN ISO 9001/2000 guarantees quality and efficiency in the firm’s various stages of:
  • Design
  • Production
  • Testing
  • Conformity
  • Technical assistance
A-Zeta Gomma has been working for years in full observance of the rules so as to guarantee its customers the highest quality in every stage of the productive process.

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A-Zeta Gomma : Reliability Guarantee

A-Zeta Gomma gets the Rating 2A1 from CRIBIS D&B, a worldwide leader in the field of business information with an experience of more than 168 years. This Rating guarantees A-Zeta Gomma’s reliability in the financial sector on a global scale.

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A-Zeta Gomma : M.E.C. V-Belt ®

M.E.C. V-Belt ® is the registered trade mark of A-Zeta Gomma's exclusive property.
Every product is tested to verify the conformity with the standards established by A-Zeta Gomma.
This choice comes from the business's willingness to guarantee its customers a first class product from every point of view, in line with the most-exacting demands of the market.
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