30 YEARS - A ZETA GOMMA’s Thirtieth Anniversary

A  Zeta Gomma was born within the ceramic district more than thirty years ago  in order to create an invaluable reference point for the most diverse productive sectors  ranging from the big industry to the small craft-based firm.

Today the company, beside being a European leader in the distribution of transmission belts and conveyor belts, stands out for its great versatility and speedy service. As it has in stock more than 60,000 items every need can be promptly satisfied.

Its diamond point and prestigious business card is its own exclusive trademark M:E:C: V BELT® that is now present  all over the world.

The company has grown steadily since it was founded in 1973, by strengthening its leadership in Italy, where it can count on more than 4,000 customers, and turning with increasing attention to overseas markets so that today they represent  more than 20/% of its turnover.

Over the last thirty years Care, Steadfastness and Devotion have turned a small craft-based firm into an international concern, ready to defy globalization thanks to its usual professionalism.

However, if on one hand all this rewards and prizes the quality of what has been done so far, on the other hand it  spurs to work harder and harder to better  face a future that promises to be rich in satisfactions. Celebrating a thirty-year-old activity does not mean having reached a goal but beginning a new challenge.


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